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Past Featured Artist

Jeffery Stephenson 
Former NFL, Super Bowl Champion

Jeffery Stephenson was born in Forest City, Arkansas and moved at an early age to Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was always fascinated with colors. Art came natural to him and he recognized that there are no limits to fine art. He began seriously creating art while still in high school. After high school, he attended St. Cloud State University, earning a Bachelors in Elective Studies with an emphasis in Communications while minoring in Urban Design. 

After graduation, Jeff immediately moved into the art world as commercial visual artist and an art dealer. For the next eight years, Jeffery traveled, selling artwork and designing art for the advertising industry. After the encouragement from other established artists, Jeffery began selling his original work in the early 90s. Since then, he has been constantly touring throughout the country which has allowed his artwork to be seen and sold internationally. He has numerous collectors and enthusiasts throughout the country with a large following in Northern and Southern California, Minnesota, and Arizona.

Jeffery is always exploring new avenues of expression. His range of talent extends many styles and themes. His artwork with an African and Caribbean theme reflects spirituality, ethnic pride, and freedom. While his more abstract artwork reflects energy, movement and musical power through his use of numerous colors. He uses a wide variety of mediums that include pastels, aerosol, jewelry, pencil, ink, fabric, and wood.

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Arnie Costell
Retired professional baseball player

Growing up with my mom in New York, it was instilled on me to reach for the stars.  My mom taught me that reaching for the stars is the way to go because while other people are reaching for the moon your higher attempts and expectations keep you in front.  My mother instilled in me the belief of self-success.   

After being a first round draft pick in the MLB draft, Arnie has had a stellar career in business and as a professional artist.  Drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the first round in 1971. I was the 11th pick in the country. I ended up playing professional baseball for the Detroit Tigers, the New York Yankees, and the Houston Astros.


A dynamic speaker and innovator, Arnie will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact the team, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.