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Featured Artist

Jeffery Stephenson 
Former NFL, Super Bowl Champion, Artist

Jeffery Stephenson was born in Forest City, Arkansas and moved at an early age to Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was always fascinated with colors. Art came natural to him and he recognized that there are no limits to fine art. He began seriously creating art while still in high school. After high school, he attended St. Cloud State University, earning a Bachelors in Elective Studies with an emphasis in Communications while minoring in Urban Design. 

After graduation, Jeff immediately moved into the art world as commercial visual artist and an art dealer. For the next eight years, Jeffery traveled, selling artwork and designing art for the advertising industry. After the encouragement from other established artists, Jeffery began selling his original work in the early 90s. Since then, he has been constantly touring throughout the country which has allowed his artwork to be seen and sold internationally. He has numerous collectors and enthusiasts throughout the country with a large following in Northern and Southern California, Minnesota, and Arizona.

Jeffery is always exploring new avenues of expression. His range of talent extends many styles and themes. His artwork with an African and Caribbean theme reflects spirituality, ethnic pride, and freedom. While his more abstract artwork reflects energy, movement and musical power through his use of numerous colors. He uses a wide variety of mediums that include pastels, aerosol, jewelry, pencil, ink, fabric, and wood.

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Art by Arnie Costell 12 couple.jpg
Arnie Costell
Retired professional baseball player

Growing up with my mom in New York, it was instilled on me to reach for the stars.  My mom taught me that reaching for the stars is the way to go because while other people are reaching for the moon your higher attempts and expectations keep you in front.  My mother instilled in me the belief of self-success.   

After being a first round draft pick in the MLB draft, Arnie has had a stellar career in business and as a professional artist.  Drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the first round in 1971. I was the 11th pick in the country. I ended up playing professional baseball for the Detroit Tigers, the New York Yankees, and the Houston Astros.


A dynamic speaker and innovator, Arnie will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact the team, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.  

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jeffery stevenson painting Take Me Higher.jpg
Ed White
Former NFL, 4x Pro Bowl preformer, Artist

“Art is Medicine” ~ Ed White

 Ed has created beautiful and mindful art. Inspired by Mother Nature’s colorful landscapes and majestic skies, Ed captures her beauty in his artwork—from her beloved oceans to her sacred deserts, which often reveal the sun or moon. 

Studying environmental design and art at the University of California at Berkeley where he had a front-row seat to a time of great change in our society and culture (1965-1969). Ed considers himself to be an Environmental Abstract Contemporary painter drawing inspiration from his life as a traveler, sailor, philanthropist, and legendary football player and coach.

“I try to capture the beauty, the joy, and the pain of the world around us and filter  it through my soul for the world to enjoy.”

While an undeniable artist from a young age, Ed was also an undeniable athlete. Football was his sport—a means of expressing himself through quick thinking, and animalistic instincts. It could be from the beautiful balance of his art and athletics that he has succeeded in both. 

“What motivates me as an artist and an athlete is being in the zone…the space where ‘cruise control’ takes over and your connection is from your hand to your soul. The brain is disconnected.”

Following a thriving college career, Ed was the first pick for the Minnesota Vikings in 1969, where he played nine seasons as an All-Pro offensive guard with four Super Bowl starts. In 1978, he was traded to the San Diego Chargers where he continued as a Pro-Bowl player for eight more seasons. He retired as a player in 1986, but did not retire from football. He coached for the Chargers, Rams, Cal Berkeley, and San Diego State where he made a profound impact on his players on the field and as men.

Since retiring from coaching in 2004, Ed has devoted his life to his art. Throughout the years he has been commissioned to do many bronze sculptures, which include the following: John Madden’s All-Pro Team, San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame, San Diego State Hall of Fame, University of San Diego Hall of Fame, San Diego Entertainer of the Year, Hall of Champions Ernie Wright Award, “On the Line” Nike Award, as well as many bronze pieces held in private collections. 

Art is medicine is the mantra for Oak Lake Art Center (OLAC), which Ed has been the executive director of since 1992. The non-profit, educational foundation—originally called Westward Ho—was started by David Stone, an elementary school teacher interested in teaching children about the pioneer experience. After David’s death, Ed took over the foundation to help bring art into the community. Mostly helping at-risk youth, OLAC helps children discover the many ways art can inspire and heal. OLAC is also involved with the Kind Warriors project, which is a non-profit to help military veterans and retired football players who suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

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Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch

International Celebrity Photographer, 


Balancing equal measures of technical dexterity, creative intuition, classical influences, and entrepreneurial drive, photographer Kevin Lynch is internationally recognized for his growing portfolio of conceptual portraiture.  At turns graphic, glamorous and graceful, Lynch’s celebrity, fashion, advertising and fine art images have appeared in Museums and Galleries throughout Europe and the United States, including Museum of Contemorary Art San Diego, Hamiltons Gallery London and Christophe Van De Weghe Fine Arts Gallery New York, and in such diverse publications as Wallpaper, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Journal, L’Uomo Vogue, InStyle, Rolling Stone Magazine.  Lynch’s commercial clients include Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures Studios, NBC/Universal, Miramax Films, The Weinstein Company and Warner Brothers.  Lynch has photographed such well-known personalities as Stephen Spielberg, Daniel Day Lewis, Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Jamie Foxx, Emma Stone, Gerard Butler, Clive Owen, Jeff Bridges, Katie Holmes, Amanda Seyfried, Channing Tatum and Rihanna.

American-born, Lynch spent his formative years in France, Belgium and Germany, where he “fell into photography” in the course of his studies. In the early 1980s, Lynch began assisting photographer Horst Wackerbarth on his book The Red Couch Project: A Portrait of America.  Featured in such noteworthy venues as Life magazine, the award-winning conceptual travelogue returned Lynch to his birthplace.  Settling in Los Angeles, he furthered his career stateside assisting celebrity photographer Greg Gorman in the conceptualization, design and printing of Gorman’s commercial commissions and published books such as Volume One and Inside Life.

Today, Lynch’s poised approach owes as much to his expertise in collaboration as it does to personal inspiration.  An adept team builder, he cites respect for and preparation with his production team as the keys to spontaneity behind the lens.  For an advertising shoot, that groundwork often entails sketched storyboards that forecast the finished product; meticulous lighting tests in Lynch’s backyard swimming pool with his wife, Hillary, as the subject, developed into a concept for an underwater series that has been transformed into a book project entitled Watercolours published by powerHouse Books in May of 2009.  From conception through printed execution, it’s a process that conveys intentions and creates compelling results.

In addition to varied commercial assignments, Lynch has formed a creative association with Zuffa, LLC d/b/a Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and has been and continues to be involved in various photographic projects for the UFC.   In collaboration with the UFC, Lynch embarked on a four-year book project published in December 2007 by powerHouse Books titled Octagon.  This oversized, 65 pound over 400-page coffee table book features an essay by noted art historian and cultural critic Dave Hickey and a foreword written by the playwright and filmmaker David Mamet.  A photographic narrative of the Ultimate Fighting Champions, the Octagon dramatically documents the UFC’s mixed-martial arts fighter’s moments before and after their intense matches.  A trade edition of this oversized book is has been published by DK Publishing in December of 2008. . An Octagon exhibition is scheduled this coming July 12th through September 27th of 2009 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego.

In addition, Lynch released his a second book project in June 2009 titled Watercolours, which includes a foreword by Phil Hagen, and an essay by art historian/curator David Pagel published by powerHouse books New York.

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